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Saikou Gomez, CRSA farmer in Sareh Alpha Village, NBR

Agro-ecology and Eco-restoration Project

Agro-ecology and Eco-restoration Project

Building Resilience of Communities

The impact of climate change, environmental degradation and unsustainable farming practices have contributed to recurrent floods, droughts, bush fires, windstorms, pest and diseases outbreaks. These result in an increased in food insecurity which affects the lives and livelihoods of people living in poverty and disproportionately impact on women.

The Agro-ecology and Eco-restoration Project, is a three-year project funded by the European Union, and it is aimed at addressing some of the climate related vulnerabilities as well as contributing to sustainable growth in the agricultural sector, reduce food insecurity and malnutrition, and create an enabling environment for improved economic growth in The Gambia.

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