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AAITG staff at the 2022 PRRP

AAITG’s Annual Participatory Review and Reflection Process (PRRP) for 2022, took place form 19th - 24th September at Sindola in Kanilai.

The PRRP is one of ActionAid’s Accountability Learning and Planning System (ALPS) requirements, which recommends that PRRP should be carried out at least twice in a year to ensure critical engagement with key partners, communities and other stakeholders through reflecting on how ActionAid’s work has impacted on the lives of people living in poverty. 

The activity commenced with an orientation on Monday 19th September, followed by a two-day field visit to different project sites and partner organisations both within and outside ActionAid's Local Rights Programmes (LRPs).

Speaking at the Orientation, the Executive Director of AAITG Mr. Omar Badji urged staff to take the activity seriously, and as the name implies, it should be participatory. He reflected on how the process was done in the previous years where partners critically review activities conducted and come up with recommendations.

“As an organization, we are accountable to our partners, funders, and the communities. Since the exercise include going to the communities, we are not there to dictate them but to see what went wrong, what was done right and come up with recommendations” he said.

Badji concludes that he has come to the end of his tenure of office as Executive Director, and this is going to be his last PRRP with ActionAid Gambia. He said that he will be leaving the organization in December this year, after 35 years of service to ActionAid.

Staff were divided into different groups and each group was assigned to visit specific partner organisations for review and data collection, using the ODK data collection application.

At the end of the field visit, both ActionAid staff and partners converged again at Sindola for presentation of field findings which highlighted successes, challenges, lessons learnt and recommendations.  

Next year, ActionAid will develop a new Country Strategy Paper (CSP). The PRRP discussions and findings will help the review and development of the new CSP, including planning and budget for 2023.

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