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Kanyeleng’ or traditional communicators play important roles in Gambian society, not just as entertainers with their comic songs, but they also disseminate important information on different issues. ActionAid International The Gambia has been engaging traditional communicators in the LRPs to sensitize communities to the impact of climate change...(more) 

AAITG Holds Third Graduation Ceremony for Forty Students

AAITG holds third graduation ceremony for forty students who have completed three months intensive training on horticulture, poultry and small ruminant production at ActionAid’s CRSA Farm in Dalaba...(more)

AAITG & Rural Women's Assemble Commemorate International Day of Rural Women - 2023

Close to two hundred rural women joined by government dignitaries, representatives of civil society organisations and local authorities, gathered at Kudang Basic Cycle School to commemorate International Day of Rural Women...(more)

Global Platform Gambia Observes Global Week of Climate Actions

Close to eighty Global Platform volunteers from West Coast Region, the Kanifing Municipality and Banjul, joined by other youth organisations, organized a symposium on Climate Justice as part of the activities of the Global Week of Climate Justice...(more)

AAITG and Partners launch Mangrove Forests Project

ActionAid International The Gambia in partnership with the NAAG and Wetlands International, a global NGO promoting wetland conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity, based in Senegal, launched two projects...(more)

AAITG Board and staff bid farewell to Omar Badji, the outgoing Executive Director

AAITG Board members and staff gathered at ActionAid’s conference hall to bid farewell to the outgoing Executive Director, Mr. Omar Badji. Mr. Badji joined ActionAid in 1987 and rose through the ranks up to his appointment as Executive Director in 2014 (more)

AAITG New Executive Director on a Familiarization Tour

AAITG new Executive Director, Mrs. Ndella Faye Colley, embarked on a familiarization tour to ActionAid’s Local Rights Programmes (LRPs) and offices of the regional governors in North Bank Region and the southern part of Central...(more)

AITG Launches Global Platforms - Gambia

ActionAid International The Gambia launches Global Platforms – Gambia Branch at the Mansa Wally Lodge in Pakalinding, Lower River Region. The Global Platforms was founded by ActionAid Denmark as a youth network to deliver participatory and action-oriented capacity building...(more)

 AITG Appoints New Executive Director

ActionAid International The Gambia appoints Mrs. Ndella Fye Colley as its new Executive Director. She took over the leadership of the organisation from Mr. Omar Badji who joined ActionAid in 1987 and rose through the ranks up to his appointment as...(more)

AAITG organises Annual Child Sponsorship Planning Meeting

About 30 participants from ActionAid The Gambia’s head office, Local Rights Programmes (LRPs) and ActionAid’s Child Sponsorship Field Assistants from North Bank and Central River Regions, are attending a four-day Child Sponsorship Annual Planning Meeting...(more)

ActionAid Supports Flashflood Victims with Cash

The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) Situational Report of July 31st 2022, stated that over 40,000 people were affected countrywide by the torrential downpour of rain, resulting in severe flashfloods...(more)

Advocacy Caravan on Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture for Food Security

Unsustainable farming practices, have affected the agricultural sector, contributing to food insecurity... ActionAid International The Gambia, Catholic Relief Services and United Purpose embarked on a second regional advocacy caravan...(more)

"It's our right to have access to good roads"

Over 150 rights holders from Bakalarr, Madina Sidia, Nema Kunku, Mademba Kunda, Pakau Njogu, Pakau Saloum and other neighbouring villages in Upper Niumi District, North Bank Region, engaged their duty beaters in an open dialogue ...(more)

'Rural Women Cultivating Good Food for All'

Approximately 200 rural women from different walks of life including members of the Rural Women Assembly, civil society organisations, government officials and other dignitaries gathered at Farafenni Lower Basic School premises in North Bank Region, to commemorate International Rural Women’s Day...(more)

AAITG 2022 Annual Participatory Review and Reflection Process (PRRP

AAITG’s Annual Participatory Review and Reflection Process (PRRP) for 2022, took place form 19th - 24th September at Sindola in Kanilai. The PRRP is one of ActionAid’s Accountability Learning and Planning System (ALPS) requirements, which recommends that PRRP should be carried out at least...(more)