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This annual report documents overall performance and engagements AAITG carried out during period 1st January to 31st December 2016. Divided into three main sections, Section one covers relevant background information including vision, Mission, our identity, theory of change, partnership model and interventions areas amongst others. Section two deals with interventions implemented and key performance areas during the year. Under this section our programme interventions and policy work in 2016 are presented under the 4 pillars of Human Rights Base Approach (HRBA) as main headings namely: Empowerment, Solidarity, Campaign and Promoting Credible and Sustainable Alternatives/Livelihoods. Also, in this section, we have recorded key achievements obtained under each of our six (6) Organizational Priorities: Human Resources and Organizational Development (HR/OD); Institutional Governance, Child Sponsorship, Supporter Care, Communication and Fundraising, Internal Audit, Monitoring & Evaluation.. Finally, Section three highlights some key challenges encountered, lessons learnt during the year under review and the way forward.